About us

We're interested in being your neighbor.
Not just another utility provider.


Our model

We're in it for the long haul

When companies play games, they lose customers. Mercury Energy strives to provide sound rates with plans that are based on real customer needs and company transparency.

We serve you better

No one wants to pay for overpriced plans and poor customer service. Service with your energy provider should be simple, honest, and easy. There are enough hassles in life, we don’t believe interacting with your energy provider should be one of them.

We live in communities too

Ohioans take pride in doing a great job at home, at work, and for everything beyond. It’s part of our culture. We’re one of you. We care about what we do.


Our purpose is to make life easier

Today’s customer is simply overwhelmed by the countless choices they make on a daily basis. From which food brands to buy to which schools to send our kids to. Simplification gives us our time back to continue making the more important decisions in life.

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