Schedule A to Terms & Conditions

Rate Plan Summary

Initial/Renewal Term Supply Rate
Variable Rate of $3.95 per MCF. (Initial Term)
Rate Plan Type
Initial Term
1 Month
Effective Date
Your service will begin on your meter reading date as determined by your NGDU’s tariff.
Early Cancellation Fee During Initial Term
Renewal Period for Supply Rate
After the initial term, unless Mercury Energy Ohio sends written notice indicating otherwise, your service will automatically continue each month without additional notice and you will continue to pay a variable rate per MCF, which may be higher or lower than the previous billing cycle. This rate excludes utility-related charges and taxes.
Electric/Natural Gas Contact Information and Emergency Contact
Dominion Energy Ohio Customer Service: 1-800-362-7557. Your utility will continue to deliver the natural gas and you will continue to pay the utility for this service. You should call the utility in the event of any emergencies, outages, etc.

Natural Gas Service provided by Dominion Energy Ohio

Your utility will remain responsible for the delivery of power and/or natural gas to your home and will continue to respond to any service calls and emergencies. Switching to Mercury Energy Ohio will not impact the reliability of your election and/or natural gas service. Your utility will continue to bill you on their regular billing cycles, and their bill will include the charges under your Agreement with Mercury Energy Ohio. Your payments will be due as set out in those bills.


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