About Mercury Energy

Who is Mercury Energy?

Mercury Energy is a natural gas service provider here in Ohio, offering deregulated prices with flexible plan options, allowing customers to choose a natural gas plan that works for them.

What is deregulation?

The State of Ohio has deregulated the energy industry in an effort to reduce consumer prices by having companies compete for your business.

Are you affiliated with my local utility?

We are not affiliated with your local utility but rather are strategic partners. The utility is responsible for creating your energy and maintaining all the infrastructure used to deliver it to your home. We purchase energy from competing markets allowing us to get you a better price.

Why should I choose Mercury Energy?

Price. Our value proposition is price and we deliver that wrapped in a customer-friendly package.


What are the hours of operations for Mercury Energy customer service?

9am – 5pm EST.

How will I be billed?

You will receive an invoice by mail to the address registered in the agreement. The energy supplier will remain on the bill.

Is it necessary to notify the utility?

We will notify your utility on your behalf. Magic.

When will Mercury Energy appear as the provider?

When you transact into a service agreement with Mercury, you will see our logo on your bill.

Distribution and transmission charges?

These are fees and charges which the utility passes to you as a citizen in its jurisdiction to maintain the infrastructure in place to deliver you your natural gas. These are fees which have been approved to be transferred by the Public Utility Commission of Ohio – and we have no control over these costs, unfortunately.

Enrollment and Account Management

How do I sign-up?

Give us a call from 9am – 5pm EST at 1-800-975-MERC (6372) and we’ll get you signed up in no time.

Is there a contract to sign?

Yes, so we can guarantee the price available to you at the time of enrollment and so we can guarantee our services for the duration of your selected plan. Let’s make it official.

Does Mercury Energy require a deposit?

We do not require a deposit but thanks for asking.

Who will deliver my energy?

Your current utility will continue to deliver your energy. We are responsible for managing the front-face service side, allowing you to interact with us to manage your services.

There is a natural gas leak, who do I contact?

If you smell gas or have an issue at your home, please call 1-877-542-2630 for emergency service.

I’m moving, how do I transfer my existing service to my new address?

If you are moving to an address that is within the service area of your utility supplier, please contact us so we can continue providing you uninterrupted service. If the address is outside of your utility’s service area, then your agreement with us will be nullified.

How do I renew my current plan?

Contact us and we can renew your existing plan. If you do not contact us before your next billing cycle, we will transition you to a monthly variable rate plan.

My contract is expiring, what will happen?

You will be transitioned to a monthly variable rate plan unless you call to renew, switch, or cancel your services.

Switching to Mercury Energy

How do I switch to Mercury Energy?

Call us with your existing plan information and we can help you determine the best plan based on your needs. Don’t be shy.

How much does it cost to switch?

We don’t charge you to join our family. However, your current provider may charge a one-time nominal fee for switching services.

Will I have a disruption of service?

You will not have a disruption of service. [Sigh of relief].

Do I have to inform my current supplier?

It is not necessary to call your current supplier. After you sign-up with Mercury Energy, we will contact your current supplier on your behalf.

How long does the switch take?

This is determined by your local utility. Based on when you enroll the change will likely occur on the date of your next scheduled read.


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